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What is Relax Kids?

Relax Kids is for for children age 4 – 8. It offers a unique system of children’s relaxation & personal development that has been used by thousands of parents, teachers, play workers & therapists. Relax Kids has been devised & developed by Marneta Viegas – UK’s leading expert in children’s relaxation. She has personally trained the Relax Kids Coaches to enable them to take their own Relax Kids classes.


What are the benefits?

Relax Kids is a gentle & fun way of introducing children to the world of relaxation, helping them to build their confidence, self-worth & become aware of & manage their feelings/moods. Teaching children simple relaxation techniques is one of the keys to helping them grow in a balanced & well rounded way. These skills are also invaluable in helping children deal with the pressures of life as they grow up.

What’s involved during a session?

Relax Kids classes normally last 45mins & aim to develop concentration, creativity & self-esteem with stretching & breathing exercises, peer massage, positive thinking & simple visualisations with the theme being on having fun!

Classes are available for:
Schools – health week, golden time, lunch time or after school activity
Groups – rainbows/brownies/beavers etc
Organisations helping children deal with difficult circumstances/situations


Some examples of prices;

1 class for up to 20 children – £25
1 school day of approx. 6 classes (up to 33 children per class) – £200 (additional classes cost £30 each)

An extra charge may apply depending on location & any parking charges. Please contact us for prices specific to your requirements.

If you do not have a budget available for Relax Kids classes or products, we have various ways to help with fund-raising where you can earn UP TO 50% of funds raised.

We also have workshops available for teachers/adults which are an excellent method of relaxation as well as giving techniques that can be used in the classroom.

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