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What is Indian head massage?

Indian Head Massage originated in the East over a thousand years ago and is part of the Ayurvedic approach to health. It focuses on the upper body to help relieve stress and tension.


How can Indian head massage help me?

Indian Head Massage is performed in a chair, fully clothed (no oil) or with a towel round upper body & oil used and is great for reducing stress, headaches, improving sleep and general health and well-being. The therapy treatment includes massage of the head, neck, shoulders and upper back to provide a soothing and holistic treatment. This Ayurvedic approach to health treats the person holistically; mind, body and spirit. Indian Head Massage is used regularly as part of this approach to health.


What are the benefits of Indian head massage

Some of the benefits may include:

• helping you feel calmer & more relaxed
• helping reduce your physical muscular tension
• helping to lower high blood pressure
• helping reduce tension headaches and stress
• helping to increase your energy levels
• helping to improve your sleep
• helping your ability to focus and concentrate

As a seated, clothed treatment it is easily adaptable to home and the workplace.


Price for treatment

30mins – £20
45mins – £25
60mins – £30

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