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What is Chill Skills?

Chill Skills workshops give children a unique experience as they relax their bodies & minds. The workshops normally last 45mins and include warm up, simple stretches, peer/self massage, breathing exercises, positive thinking & visualisations/meditations which are themed depending on the age of the group.

The workshops fit in well with many of the Health & Wellbeing Experiences & Outcomes introduced by the Curriculum for Excellence. Relax Kids/Chill Skills resources (workshops, products & free exercises) help children develop their physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing. The skills learned help children become aware of & able to express their feelings & learn ways of managing them.

These workshops are ideal for Primary 7 children prior to moving to high school or 1st year pupils to help them settle into high school. They also teach skills that are excellent in helping pupils deal with stresses of exams throughout their school life.


Some examples of prices;

1 class for up to 20 children – £25
1 school day of approx. 6 classes (up to 33 children per class) – £200 (additional classes cost £30 each)

An extra charge may apply depending on location & any parking charges. Please contact us for prices specific to your requirements.

If you do not have a budget available for Relax Kids/Chill Skills classes or products, we have various ways to help with fund-raising where you can earn UP TO 50% of funds raised.

We also have workshops available for teachers/adults which are an excellent method of relaxation as well as giving techniques that can be used in the classroom.

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