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What is Baby Reflex?

Baby Reflex is a special treatment using Reflexology for babies and toddlers that assists parents in the calming and development of their babies. It is a short and complete training course provided for mothers or fathers in the use of simple Reflexology techniques for parents to give to their babies and toddlers. It is given by mothers or fathers to their baby’s, or toddler’s, feet. The techniques used have been developed from fifteen years of research into applying Reflexology to young children.


What are the benefits?

Baby Reflex can help to calm and relax babies and toddlers and also helps with infant colic and teething.


What’s involved?

Baby Reflex must ALWAYS be taught by a Reflexologist who has qualified at a specialist baby reflex course. The courses consist of three sessions (or two if its done on a one-to-one basis) with the qualified Reflexologist. The parents each ‘work’ with their own baby or toddler individually, or in groups with other parents. Each parent attending the course is supplied with their own set of instructions and baby reflex treatment charts to use at home or in the class. Baby reflex courses are structured in easily practised sessions that are quickly grasped. The emphasis, in these courses, is on the practical application of these techniques.


How much does it cost?

The workshops are held in your own home for 1 hour per week over 2 weeks and cost £30 per person for 2 to 4 people, £45 for one-to-one lessons, £55 for couples lessons or £100 for 2 couples. The hostess will receive a £20 Sea of Tranquility Therapy Voucher for holding the course in their own home for 3 or more people. There may be an additional one off charge depending on location.
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